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Monday October 23, 1978
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This Day In 1970's History: Monday October 23, 1978
  • Japan and China inked a historic peace and friendship treaty and Chinese Vice Premier Teng Hsiao-Ping said Peking "fully understands" Japan's military alliance with the United States -- in effect endorsing continued U.S. military presence in Asia. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Former world chess champion Bobby Fischer of the United States and reigning world chess champion Anatoly Karpov last year held six secret meetings in an effort to arrange a match, chess officials say. Fischer, 36, has withdrawn completely from public matches since winning the world title in 1972. Karpov, 27, last week won a 93-day match with challenger Viktor Korchnoi to retain his world title. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Selective buying brought the skid of blue chips to a halt, but the broad stock list continued to sink. Declining issues held a wide margin over gainers but the Dow Jones industrial average recovered to eke out a gain of 1.65 to 839.66.

    Consumer confidence, depressed for most of this year, advanced in September for the second consecutive month, the Conference Board reported. The index of buying plans, however, showed a decline.

    treasury Secretary Michael Blumenthal predicted that business and labor will cooperate with President Carter's new wage-price guidelines plans, but he refused to give details at the American Bankers' Association convention in Honolulu. [Chicago Tribune]

  • British punk rock star Sid Vicious, free on bail in the stabbing death of his American girlfriend, was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward after he reportedly slashed his arm in a suicide attempt to "keep my part of the bargain." Vicious, whose real name is John Simon Ritchie, was treated in Bellevue Hospital for superficial cuts on both wrists and on his right forearm. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Betty Ford says she may have been "too candid, too open," about her treatment for drug abuse and alcoholism, because the publicity sometimes upset her enough to make her sorry she shared the experience with the public. However, in a telephone interview today, she said she feels overall that "the pluses outweigh the minuses" in her habit of openly expressing her thoughts and feelings. [Chicago Tribune]
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