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Saturday June 23, 1973
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This Day In 1970's History: Saturday June 23, 1973
  • John Dean will tell the Senate Watergate committee this week that President Nixon indicated to him in mid-March that he had discussed executive clemency for E. Howard Hunt with Charles Colson, sources close to Mr. Dean said. The sources said that Mr. Dean would testify that the President seemed upset as he described his talks with Mr. Colson. [New York Times]
  • The week-long pause in the Senate's Watergate hearings, in deference to the Soviet-American summit talks, has produced so many leaks of information that interest has sharply heightened in the testimony to be given Monday by John Dean. At the end of the recess, the setting for Mr. Dean's testimony appears to bristle with more interest and more partisanship than ever before. [New York Times]
  • Ten days after President Nixon's newest price freeze was imposed there were signs from the farms and food processing plants that within a month eggs may be hard to find and that all hopes the Nixon administration had for easing meat prices this fall have been destroyed. The earlier ceilings that the President imposed on wholesale and retail meat prices last March are also causing some beef processors to promote cuts that were frozen at more profitable levels and to hold back the less profitable ones. The means housewives may find it easier to buy chuck roast this week than some cuts of steak. [New York Times]
  • In the week since the Vietnam cease-fire was reaffirmed, fighting across South Vietnam has dipped to about the same level as in late may, but little else has changed. Most of the directives of the joint communique that was supposed to have led to a stricter application of the Paris peace agreement in January have been ignored. The Saigon government and the Vietcong remain deadlocked in their talks on working out the military aspects of the accord and President Nguyen Van Thieu has ordered his representative at the two-party negotiations on political affairs to stick to the government's old position. [New York Times]
  • The United States and Soviet Union announced an agreement that will increase air passenger service between the two countries. Secretary of Transportation Claude Brinegar and Soviet Minister of Aviation Boris Bugayev signed the formal protocol at the State Department. It was the ninth Soviet-American agreement made public during the visit of Leonid Brezhnev, the Soviet leader, to the United States. The air travel accord will provide what a State Department official described as "a modest expansion" in current air service between New York and Moscow by Pan American World Airways and Aeroflot. [New York Times]
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